0-3 Years

For more information, contact
Linda Klepaczyk
Director of Children & Family Ministries
Our Childcare/Nursery Offerings
  • Child care is available for infants up to the age of 3. 
  • We have two paid nursery workers on duty each Sunday mornings.
  • We offer childcare on Sunday mornings from 8:45 a.m. until 12:30 p.m if you would like to attend both a worship service and Sunday School class.
  • You will be given a pager when you sign your child in.
  • The nursery is located in room J  in the education wing.  
  • For security purposes, we ask that you enter through the main doors of the building, not the entrance by the nursery.
  • The worship service is live streamed into the nursery space and parents are always welcome to stay in the nursery with their child during worship, if needed.
  • We have a Illness Policy which can be reviewed below.
  • We have an Oasis Room located adjacent to our sanctuary.  More information is posted on the door of this worship space extension.

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For the health and safety of all, children that have had the following symptoms within the last 24 hours are asked to refrain from coming to the nursery. 

       Nursery Illness Policy

  • A known or suspected infectious illness
  • A fever of 100.0 within the past 24 hours
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or is feeling unwell
  • Cough, sore throat, croup (except in the case of allergy)
  • Colored runny noses
  • Contagious skin rash
  • Pink eye
  • Lice
  • Impetigo (infected wounds), boils, untreated ringworms
  • Any symptom of usual childhood disease such as mumps,  measles, chicken pox, etc.
  • Use of antibiotics for 24 hours or less

We are a Safe Sanctuaries Church

Children are full participants in the life of our church and in the realm of God.  God calls us to make our churches safe places, protecting children and other vulnerable persons from abuse.  He also calls us to create communities of faith where children and adults grow safe and strong.  The First United Methodist Church of Saline is a Safe Sanctuary church.  This means we have a written policy supporting these goals.  Our Safe Sanctuary Policy spells out appropriate measures to be followed in our Children’s and Youth Programs.  New staff and first-time volunteers are asked to complete a written application, submit to an ICHAT background check, interview with a ministry director, and take a class covering the precepts and procedures of our policy.  


TOTS In Training

Transition To Sunday School - TOTS In Training Class for 2's & 3's

For preschoolers age 2-3, we have a TOTS IN TRAINING Sunday School class with age appropriate stories, activities and fun!   This is a great place for kids to grow accustomed to going to Sunday School in a nurturing environment.  3 Year olds attend class for the whole hour, while 2 Year Olds are brought in from the nursery for the bible story time.  As toddlers are ready, teachers encourage them to stay for longer periods of time.

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