Adult Sunday School

Sunday School Opportunities

We strive to be continually growing in our relationship with Christ through studying God's word and connecting with Christ. 

Pathfinders Bible Study -Meets at 10:30 am in-person and via Zoom

While on his second missionary journey, the Apostle Paul and his companions established the church in Thessalonica.  After only a brief time in the city, dangerous opposition arose forcing Paul to leave.  Paul writes this letter (2 Thessalonians) to the new converts after receiving reports that their faith was strong despite intense persecution.  Paul encourages them and celebrates the church’s future hope as they remain steadfast in Jesus.   Email Bruce Moss ( ) or Dave Drenning ( ) for a Zoom invitation.

 Parenting Class-In hiatus due to Covid 19

Christ-Centered Parenting by Russell Moore and Phillip Bethancourt.  Do you ever feel ill-equipped to talk about cultural issues of our day?  Designed to help you lead your children and teens in a confidant and responsible way, this 6-session resource will equip your to address pressing cultural topics which children of all ages, from preschoolers through young adults, face, including:  gender issues; suicide, depression, and anxiety; pornography; addition and coping mechanisms; same-sex marriage; singleness, dating, marriage, and divorce.  Give your kids a biblical worldview that will produce the next generation of culture shapers-not simply the next generation shaped by their culture. Facilitator: Nancy Gill.  Meets in room H.

 Ray Vander Laan Video Series- In hiatus for the summer 

Ray Vander Laan's preaching and teaching ministry is focused on understanding the Bible in light of the historical and cultural context in which God placed it.  This perspective on the Bible highlights God's call for His people to be a transforming influence on their culture.  He uses research of the top scholars in the fields of archaeology, history, and Biblical study as tools to explore the Biblical text ever more deeply.  His gifts, expertise and calling are to link that cultural information and the Bible so that its message applies to our lives today in very practical ways.  Facilitator:  Doug VerWoert

 Bible 101 -In hiatus due to Covid 19

Has a lack of Bible knowledge stopped you from participating in adult Sunday school classes? If you are a parent who wants to learn stories and keep up with your children, someone with a thirst for a foundational knowledge of Bible stories and biblical characters or long-time church attendees looking to refresh their memory, then this class is for you!  This class will provide an opportunity for adults to learn about Bible stories and biblical characters in a friendly environment.  Facilitator:  Kristi Cundiff.  Email Kristi ( ) or call the church office for a Zoom invitation.