The Underground

Welcome to The Underground! The Underground is the high point of the week for all things youth related at the church. We have games, dinner, worship, teaching, and small groups every week! We have a lot of fun, and we have some great discussions about school, sports, music, life and faith.  If your looking for a place to have fun in a Christian environment and also grow deeper in your faith, then come check it out! We look forward to seeing you! 


Please note that for Fall 2020, The Underground has been adjusted for health & safety. See newsletter for more information. 


If you want a place to come and have some fun, then we've got you covered! Our freetime style of games gives you the opportunity to choose what you want to do. Whether it's basketball, soccer, gaga ball, spike ball, or just a time to hang out with your friends, this is the perfect time and space to do just that. And occasionally we will also do some organized big group games just to shake things up a bit.  So come to The Underground expecting to play! 


Who doesn't love to eat?! Throughout the school year we offer dinner to our students and adult volunteers every week. This is our time to just hang out, eat some good food, and catch up with what's going on with everyone. So come to The Underground hungry and expecting to eat!


Our student led worship team offers each student the opportunity to connect with God through music. The worship team strives to make our worship experience as impactful as possible and provide everyone with an environment that is conducive to authentic worship. And if you play an instrument (or if you want to learn to play an instrument), our worship team is very inclusive of anyone who shows an interest in being involved. So come to The Underground expecting to worship God in a real and genuine way! 


When you come to The Underground, you can also expect to learn something new about God. We typically will spend 3 to 4 weeks on a particular topic or theme before moving on to the next. This gives our students the opportunity to fully engage with topic or theme over an extended period of time. We don't want our students to have to shift gears every week, and we believe that this leads to more in depth conversations around these topics. Our messages are geared toward high school and middle school students, and are designed to meet them right where they're at. So come to The Underground expecting to learn something new about your relationship with God! 

Small Groups

Small groups are the highlight of the night for a lot of our students. The small groups are divided up by age and gender to provide a more open and safe environment for each student. These groups meet each week right after the message with their adult leaders. Our adult leaders work with the students to try to facilitate an open dialogue within each group. Small group discussions are designed to follow the topic that was just covered during the message, but this is also a time where students can feel free to talk about anything. Sometimes it's something that you may be struggling with. Sometimes it's something awesome that happened to you that you just want to tell someone about. Sometimes it's something that you want your group to pray for. Mostly, small groups offer you the opportunity to connect... to connect to peers, to connect to adults that you can trust, and to connect with God. So come to The Underground expecting to connect! 

 For more information about The Underground contact the Director of Youth & Family Ministries.