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God and the Pandemic

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AUTHOR:  N.T. Wright

     Have you wondered if God is judging the world? Is the virus a sign of the ‘End-Times’?  Whose fault is this?  N.T. Wright considers these and other common reactions to the coronavirus in God and The Pandemic.  The author, one of the world’s foremost New Testament scholars, offers Bible based insight into to how Christians should respond to the pandemic.

     Professor Wright reminds us that followers of Jesus are called to be a people of prayer.  Drawing on Scripture, he calls us to ‘lament’ and answers the inevitable question of whether God allowed this to happen.  He challenges us to follow the example of the early church focusing not on ‘Why?’, but rather ‘What?’ – What can we do?  Finally, N.T. Wright urges the church to actively engage in our world’s move back to the ‘new normal’.

     N.T. Wright is research professor of New Testament and early Christianity at the University of St. Andrews.  He has authored over eighty books.  Sue Snow notes this is a relatively short book, yet it is rich with food for thought.   It is available from booksellers.

The Skinners of Goldfield ~ Trilogy

AUTHOR:  Stephen Bly

     Goldfield, Nevada in 1905 is no place to settle and raise a family.  It’s in the middle of an arid desert – and the middle of a gold rush.  The Skinner family is traveling in their wagon to California when they stop in Goldfield to restock their supplies before moving on.  God, however, has a bigger purpose in mind.  In a trilogy of stories, author Stephen Bly tells the story of the Skinner family’s faith and their impact on a town where sin runs rampant.  Maybe gold isn’t the treasure the town really needs. 

     If you are looking for an inspiring easy read, Linda Tuttle recommends Fool’s Gold, Hidden Treasure, and Picture Rock. Available from Thrift Books, goodreads and other online booksellers.