Redeeming Reads

The Skinners of Goldfield ~ Trilogy

AUTHOR:  Stephen Bly

     Goldfield, Nevada in 1905 is no place to settle and raise a family.  It’s in the middle of an arid desert – and the middle of a gold rush.  The Skinner family is traveling in their wagon to California when they stop in Goldfield to restock their supplies before moving on.  God, however, has a bigger purpose in mind.  In a trilogy of stories, author Stephen Bly tells the story of the Skinner family’s faith and their impact on a town where sin runs rampant.  Maybe gold isn’t the treasure the town really needs. 

     If you are looking for an inspiring easy read, Linda Tuttle recommends Fool’s Gold, Hidden Treasure, and Picture Rock. Available from Thrift Books, goodreads and other online booksellers.

Joseph and The Way of Forgiveness

AUTHOR: Stephen Mitchell

     One of the greatest stories of the Old Testament is that of Joseph, Jacob’s gifted dream-interpreting, favorite son.  Joseph’s story, found in the book of Genesis, even became an amazing hit Broadway musical.

     Stephen Mitchell has given us a novelistic version of this Biblical tale in Joseph and the Way of Forgiveness.  Joseph’s story is a page-turner.  He is kidnapped, beaten, and thrown in a pit to die.  Later he is sold as a slave (twice); framed for a crime he did not commit (because he refused to commit it); imprisoned; and forgotten by those who promised to help him. Finally, he gets a chance at freedom when his captor, the Egyptian Pharaoh, asks him to interpret his disturbing dreams.  With his life literally on the line, how does Joseph reply?  “No,” says Joseph.  “Not I, but God will give Pharaoh the correct interpretation.”  What happens next?  Well, you will have to read the book or look it up in Genesis!

     Mitchell broadens the Bible’s narrative a bit and explores Joseph’s extraordinary faith throughout circumstances that could have easily caused Joseph to wonder if God had abandoned him.  Instead, Joseph always knew God was with him.  His story models how to live in the center of God’s will, seeing God’s blessings at every turn.   Joseph offers us timely lessons of grace and perseverance. 

Recommended by:  Sue Snow  
Available from the Saline District Library and booksellers.