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Jesus: A Pilgrimage

Walk in the footsteps of Jesus with a gifted storyteller in Jesus: A Pilgrimage.  Part travel narrative, part devotional, and part history, this New York Times bestseller by Rev. James Martin, SJ, looks at Jesus as he appears in the Gospel through the lens of faith.  You will visit the significant places in Jesus’s ministry:  Galilee, Capernaum, Bethesda, Jericho, Bethany, Jerusalem, Gethsemane and Emmaus.  It may surprise you to learn how close many of these locations were to each other.  You will also read that Jesus and his disciples walked from Jerusalem to Jericho.  When you learn it takes an hour to drive that distance you suddenly realize just how difficult that “walk” would have been.

     Rev. Martin invites us to appreciate Jesus as fully human and reminds us that our faith is not in an institution but in a person: Jesus.  He concentrates on Jesus’s public ministry, through his last days, death and resurrection. The description of each locale helps you imagine where Jesus may have stood and what he may have seen.  Rev. Martin offers personal reflections, spiritual insights and corresponding Gospel passages for each stop along the pilgrimage.  (Tip: Google will even help you get a visual of each place.)

     For many, traveling to the Holy Land is a life changing experience.  This engaging pilgrimage can deepen your faith without leaving home.  

     Jesus: A Pilgrimage is available in our church library and at the Saline District Library.  It is also available from most booksellers.