All Abilities Inclusion Team

Having an Accessibility Inclusion Ministry is a loftY goal.  We are in the developmental journey in beginning this ministry. Right now we are a group of individuals who are interested in looking at three areas of our church to asses our PLACES, our PEOPLE and our PROGRAMS in terms of accessibility to ALL people.  What does that mean?

OUR PLACES – Overall, we have a very “physically” accessible church, but it is important as we go forward that we are aware of those details.

OUR PEOPLE – Just because individuals with disabilities can get into our church does not mean our church is accessible. One of our immediate goals is for our church family to have a better understanding of issues facing people with varying abilities as they seek to be involved in our church. 

OUR PROGRAMS –While we have some ministry supports in place, in the future we need to continue to look at all of our programming through the lens of accessibility as the needs arise.

Part of the core of our church philosophy is WELCOMING ALL and that is the place we want to begin with AIM. We often think of that in terms of races, background, faith maturity, life experiences, education, financial status, etc.  In addition, we need to be welcoming to people who come to us with a myriad of different abilities, and this makes sense – God made all of us unique! For that reason, we are trying to make sure our church is accessible to ALL people, with a focus on three specific populations: children, individuals with disabilities, and older adults. Too often we say that some are “too young,” “too different,” or “too old” to do certain things in our worship, church gatherings, or programs. If we are willing to change this attitude, we open ourselves up to seeing each individual, regardless of ability, as having unique, God-given gifts.    If you feel called to be a part of this developing ministry, please contact the church office.

    Worshipping Christ....Welcoming All Abilities

 Is this someone God is calling you to serve?  Look at the following video for a look at three churches are working to be more inclusive.Click to Watch "Worship As One"