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Making Prayer a Priority-Part 3

As we establish a habit of prayer, we also need to pick a quiet place for prayer where we won’t be interrupted. Christ went into the wilderness to be alone with His Father, but for most of us, it will probably be a room in our home. Wherever it is, it will be like an altar where we meet with God to share our concerns and have fellowship with Him. Because Jesus lived an itinerant lifestyle, His place of prayer changed as He traveled, but prayer was always a priority in His life and should be in ours as well. Here are some of the features and benefits of having a dedicated prayer space:

IT’S A PRIVATE PLACE. Jesus said to go into an inner room and close the door (Matt. 6:6). If we are really serious about finding a quiet area to be alone with the Lord in prayer, He will provide one. It may require a little creativity and adjustment on our part, but God wants to meet with each of us privately so we can develop an intimate relationship with Him.

IT’S A HOLY PLACE. When we habitually meet with the Lord in the same place each day, it becomes holy because it is set apart to worship and commune with Him. It becomes a visual trigger. We quickly adjust to the setting and are immediately ready to talk to the Father—because that’s what happens there. Some of the greatest things He accomplishes in our lives are the result of the relationship we have with Him in that secluded place of prayer.

IT’S WHERE OUR BATTLES ARE FOUGHT. Every time we go through difficult situations or conflicts with people, we should bring our concerns to our heavenly Father and engage Him in helping fight our battles. We need His guidance, assistance, and wisdom to know how to respond and what to do. There will be times when no one else can help us, but He is always there to comfort, strengthen, and encourage us.

IT’S WHERE WE DEAL WITH OUR SINS. As we open His Word and our hearts before Him, we have an opportunity to confess our sins and ask Him to convict us of anything in our lives that is contrary to His desires for us. As we pray, we must give the Lord time to speak to our hearts. Sometimes He uses a passage of His Word to convict, encourage, or direct us, and at other times His Spirit communicates inaudibly with us in our hearts.

IT’S WHERE WE DEVELOP AN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LORD. There are times when we pray with others or together as a family, but it’s only in our private times with the Lord that we grow to know Him intimately and have the freedom to honestly and openly share our hearts with Him. This is the most important activity of our lives—communing and fellowshipping with the Lord Jesus Christ.

IT’S WHERE WE LAY DOWN OUR BURDENS. God daily lifts our burdens, carries our concerns, and forgives our sins when we confess them.

IT’S WHERE WE WEEP OVER OUR TRIALS AND HEARTACHES. When we go into our prayer room and cry out to God, He understands and mends our broken hearts.

IT’S WHERE WE FORGIVE OTHERS. The Lord not only forgives our sins but helps us battle through our hurts so we can forgive others.

IT’S WHERE WE ARE STRENGTHENED. In this holy place we have the privilege of discussing every area of our lives. As we pour out our hurts, sorrows, and burdens, the Lord comes to strengthen us.

Where do you go to pray? Having a dedicated place to come before God helps us focus and prepare our hearts to hear from Him. Even when we’re on the go, we can set aside a time and place to talk with God, which ought to be our greatest priority every day.

Making Prayer a Priority-Part 2

Prayer is one of the most important activities in our lives because we’re actually talking to the sovereign God of the universe. He understands how we feel, knows what we think, and has the power to intervene in every area of life. Our quiet time with God empowers us to face the challenges of each day. When we make prayer a priority, we reap a whole host of benefits like comfort, guidance, and confidence. But an intimate and effective prayer life never happens accidentally; we must intentionally take the following steps.

SCHEDULE A TIME. It can be difficult to focus on prayer when the demands of life are knocking at your door. You may have to rise early in the morning before anyone else is awake, or stay up late at night after everyone else has fallen asleep, to have some quiet time with your heavenly Father.

BELIEVE THE LORD HEARS OUR PRAYERS. We can be confident that God listens to us because He never turns a deaf ear to one of His praying children. It has nothing to do with whether we feel worthy or not. We are all invited to come boldly before His throne of grace.

PRAY FOR OTHERS. Sometimes God gives us a burden to intercede for someone else. Although we may not be able to help, the Lord can.

TRUST IN GOD’S POWER. Jesus said that an earnest prayer of faith has the power to move a mountain (Mark 11:23). No task in harmony with God’s will is impossible to perform when we believe in Him. Whatever He commands us to do, He gives us the strength and resources to accomplish. As our heavenly Father, He’s protecting, supporting, and providing everything we need to obey Him.

PRAY FOR DIRECTION. The Lord wants to guide us into His plan for our lives. If we’ll ask Him for direction, He may not show us the entire course, but He will provide the next step. To receive further instruction, we must be willing to obey whatever He has already revealed. As we keep walking with Him, the path will gradually unfold to us.

PRAY WITH THE WORD. Effective prayer is anchored in the Word of God. If we try to pray without it, our requests may not be wise. But as we consistently read the Bible, the Lord will show us how to pray wisely and according to His will.