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Day Four: House 28

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Today started with an early breakfast, packing lunches, and heading to the site. We gathered next door to house #28 at the historic Methodist church. For a touch of local flavor, Larry (local pastor) led us in devotionals today. For the closing, Tammy got the pleasure of playing a hymn on the historic pump organ. Good times. Then the team walked next door and dug into their projects getting as much done as possible. The paint crew of Cheryl, Kaitie, and Carolyn worked diligently all day painting, painting, painting, and then more painting. They finished a second coat on everything in both rooms. Dick and Tammy worked on the trim around the floors, windows, and around vents. Dick occasionally walked through and wrote on the walls with a pencil that hung out of his tool belt. It was a near death experience from the daggers of the paint crew. Fred brought flowers in to get back in the good graces of the painters from his antics the day before. Cheryl accidentally painted Dick's hind side and Kaitie initiated Tammy with a paint spot on the nose. The electrical crew of Sharon, Dick, and Carl finished installing plugs and switches and making sure everything worked. They got the light on the front porch working and they all stood around and watched in amazement as the light turned on and off with the switch. The drywall team of Ed, Bruce, Joe, and Paul continued upstairs installing drywall on the ceiling and walls. Most of the team toured the red house on the hill #25. It is set up as historical museum and quite interesting. After that we took a group photo in front of our site house. Ed, Sharon, and Bruce went to Fred's to say goodbye. The rest of the crew went to house #10 and checked out potential future work. Then everyone to the showers and we met at the Ambassador for dinner. The joy this week has been working side by side with such a wonderful group of Christian friends. A fitting close to this mission week.

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