Website Navigation – Tips

Our new FUMC Saline website is designed to be our FRONT DOOR for anyone searching for a church home or a place to visit on any given Sunday.  With our congregation in mind, though, we want to make the things you need to know readily available.  We hope you will take the time to explore our website and give us helpful, constructive feedback.  We also hope this will be the first place you think of checking when you need to know who, what, when, and where.

Here are some tips for navigating the site.



  • Click the FUMC Saline logo in the upper left corner of the screen from any page on the site when you want to return to our homepage.

  • The Alert Bar at the top of the homepage will appear when we have special news or announcements.  

  • You can access Livestream from two places on our homepage. Click the blue Livestream button in the center of the image at the top of the homepage.  Or click Livestream on the main navigation menu anchored at the top of all web pages.

  • Weekly Announcements are located on the homepage about half the way down. Look for the “Keeping You in The Know” section.

  • Upcoming events and access to the full calendar appear just below the Weekly Announcements.

  • The latest sermon will be posted to the website each week. You will be able to listen to it by clicking the play arrow.  Previous sermons are also available by clicking MORE or VIEW ALL and making a selection.

  • The footer section at the bottom of every page on the website provides links to prayer requests, giving online, our monthly newsletter, forms and employment opportunities.


The main route to our ministries is via “CONNECT” on the main navigation menu.  The main navigation menu is anchored at the top of all our web pages.   

When you click CONNECT, a page titled Our Ministries will open.  Scroll down the page and select a ministry by clicking the button embedded on the image for that ministry.  A page will open with details about that ministry and may offer additional links to more information or sign-up sheets. 

Each Ministry page has its own sub-menu appearing just below the image at the top of the page.  On computers or laptops, menu items will read left to right just under the image on the page.   Click any of the menu items to go directly to that section of the page.  Click the  ^ arrow to the far right of the menu items to return to the top of the page.  On mobile devices, MENU+ will appear.  Click that to see a list of menu items to choose from.

TIP:  You can easily return the Our Ministries page by scrolling down any ministry page.  In the last menu section of the ministry page, you will see a button that says BACK TO MINISTRIES.  This button appears just above the footer that appears on every web page.  Click that button to return to Our Ministry page.

TIP:  Clicking the back arrow at the top left of the web page will take you to the previous page you viewed. 

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