United Women in Faith

Faith  ~  Action  ~  Sisterhood

Saline United Women in Faith provides opportunities for fellowship, mission, and study for all women of the church.  Formerly known as United Methodist Women, they have been active in our church for generations.

With a strong focus on mission activities, the UWF sponsors many fund-raisers, collects donations of goods, and performs service projects.  Often a fund-raiser will involve a lasagna dinner or pie auction which has the added benefit of bringing our extended congregation together to connect and build community.  Local and international charitable organizations are the beneficiaries of these efforts.

Saline UWF is also active serving within our congregation and community.  Their Loving Hands Ministry provides meals in times of need and serves funeral luncheons. They can be counted on to support any congregational celebration or special event – basically any time food or refreshments are called for!

The UWF meets monthly in small groups known as Circles, each setting their own agenda. This may include an outing, shared lunch, or a discussion of UWF program reading materials.  Circles provide the opportunity to support one another and build lasting friendships.

Contact any of the Saline UWF leaders for more information.

  • UMF PRESIDENT – Call Karin Haynes at (818) 862-1146, or email   

  • HANNAH CIRCLE - meets 1st Monday of the month at 12:30pm in Room C. 
    Contact Sylvia Korte at (517) 423-7881.

  • SUSANNAH CIRCLE- meets 1st Monday of the month at 7:00pm in Room O/P. 
    Contact Carol Osterling at (734) 429-9653.